Al forno della soffitta


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Sublime combination of authentic flavors


Sublime combination of authentic flavors

From 1997 in Rome

Al Forno della Soffitta

At Forno della Soffitta you can eat the real pizza, the one that stands out in name and in fact… the shoulder-high one, baked in the wood-fired oven and naturally leavened 48 hours according to the dictates of ancient tradition.

And not only pizza in standard, classic versions, but also the “special” ones and… the novelties! Fusion pizzas, we would like to call them, because they blend the skillful mastery of the preparation of the true Neapolitan pizza with a combination, among them, of more special ingredients… all to be tried!

What makes our pizzas so special

Semi-whole grain flours give our dough a unique texture that is both light and crisp, enriching it with flavor and enhancing each individual ingredient. The artisanal process we adopt ensures that each pizza is prepared with the utmost care to preserve the authenticity of flavors and freshness of ingredients.

Wood-fired pizzeria

At Forno della Soffita, culinary art and passion come together to offer you an extraordinary gastronomic experience. Our pizza is an authentic celebration of taste, prepared with care and dedication.

Our first promise is the use of the wood-fired oven, the beating heart of our kitchen. Here, magic happens through dancing flames and enveloping heat, giving pizzas that unmistakable taste and irresistible quality. The tradition of the wood-fired oven blends with culinary innovation, creating a perfect combination to satisfy the most discerning palates.

Our pizza is the result of slow rising, a process that requires patience and dedication. The dough, made with selected flours, rests for a full 48 hours, allowing the flavors to fully develop and giving the pizza a unique lightness and digestibility.

The ingredients we use are of the highest quality, and every bite is a journey into the authentic flavors and culinary traditions that make pizza a timeless pleasure.

48-hour leavening and wood-fired oven baking

Our secret to extraordinary pizza lies in the patient rising of our dough for a full 48 hours. This slow and meticulous artisanal process allows the flavors to fully develop, giving the pizza a unique lightness and digestibility.